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Underarm Sweat Pads protect you from sweat stains under your armpits! They are self-adhesive, easy to attach, invisible, easy to wear and provide a secure and long-lasting protection against sweat stains.

Underarm pads can also be used in combination with a deodorant or antiperspirant. Just to make you feel safe.

Sweat pads advantages:

Safe protection against sweat stains under your arms

Soft, thin and comfortable


Extend the life of your T-shirt

Self-adhesive, easy to apply and easy to dispose

New! manjana® functional with integrated sweat protection pads for sensitive skin

Functional bodyshirts by manjana® guarantee an optimal sweat stain protection with the incorporated sweat pads. The integrated protection pads don’t have to be applied, nor be removed before machine washing, which ensures a much quicker and more convenient application tham conventional sweatprotection pads. No protracted application and missing achselpads after washing anymore. Just a manjana® undershirt.

We would be happy to give you further information about the shirts and help you find the perfect manjana® undershirt at our online-shop.

We offer 2 different underarm pads. On the one hand, simple and cheap a-per© fleece underarm pads. On the other hand, the underarm pads with an extremely absorbent core, soft absorbent fibers and a folding line which ensures a maximum comfort.
You are looking for underarm sweat pads? Then your are just fine here.

We are under construction of the site. In the mean time you find more information here: http://www.functional-cosmetics.com/en/Sort-by-Products/Underarm-Sweat-Pads/

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